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& Self Defense


Whether you are someone that wants to compete, someone that wants a good cardio workout or simply want to know that what you are learning works; Fusion’s Kickboxing has a proven track record. Kickboxing is the main form of self-defense taught to our youngest students, the Lil Tigers, but it is also taught all throughout our additional classes as well.    


I appreciate lineage; knowing where you come from. It’s the same for me and Karate; I like to know who my predecessors are. If you look at Fusion’s martial arts as a family tree and then, more specifically, Kickboxing; my Grandfather is Blackhawk Walters. Mr. Walters was a professional Kickboxer and held a record of 43 wins and 7 losses in addition to being a 4-time World Champion. To me, this speaks volumes about what I am taught and, in turn, teach my students.

Kickboxing Cardio


Women's Only Classes

Shortly before Fusion’s Grand Opening, I was taking flyers to local businesses around the area. I started speaking with the employees upon entering one of the businesses. A lady asked if Fusion offered a women’s-only class and my answer was no, as it wasn’t something I had previously considered. She then went on to say that she used to go to the gym but always felt like she was being watched by guys that were also working out. Another female employee agreed and said something that echoed what the previous lady said. At that point, I realized Fusion needed to offer a women’s-only class where women could come train in a comfortable environment.


The material taught in this class doesn’t follow Fusion’s progressive rank system; there are no uniforms, no belts and no testing although all arts Fusion teaches are taught.

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