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Martial Arts Concepts for All Ages

We at Fusion Martial Arts Club of Columbia are dedicated to teaching in a highly effective, yet safe, environment. Our curriculum is based on teaching methods that make it easy for people of all ages, youth and adult, as well as all walks of life to succeed in the martial arts. We teach a modern and broad-based spectrum of self-defense yet continue to hold the values and methods proven over the centuries of martial arts tradition. 

We call our method of teaching "FILKENJUTSU". It is an acronym created from the names of the major Martial Arts concepts that are integrated into our Kenpo system. In addition to Kickboxing, they are: FILipino Arts, KENpo Karate, JUdo and Jiu JiTSU

Classes are offered for Youth (beginning at age 4), Adults, Female only and Self-Defense. We are now offering a FREE introductory class. Contact us to schedule your free class today! 

Karate Classes

Mixed Martial Arts Classes for All Ages 

Fusion Martial Arts of Columbia is known for our unique blend of martial arts forms including Karate, Judo and Jiu Jitsu. These classes are great to keep in shape, learn self discipline and gain confidence in yourself and others.  

We offer classes for all ages. We also offer birthday parties and have a summer camp for boys and girls! 

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Classes for Columbia and Irmo SC

Looking for a fun way to lose weight and increase your cardio? If you are like me, you might hate running. That is why we at Fusion Martial Arts started including Kickboxing in our classes. We all need to exercise our lungs, without the high impact effects that running has our our legs. ​

We also offer Women's Only Self Defense classes. A great way to get in shape, gain confidence and know you can defend yourself in an unfortunate situation.


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